27 June 2022

  Dear Ms. Borislava Batandjieva-Metcalf

Thank you for your sending me the document that comments on Kato and Yamada's paper.  I highly appreciate your kindness to send it to me.  I have distributed the document to many of my friends in Japan including Kato and Yamada, the authors of the original paper, and experts on epidemiology and physics. I think that some of them are preparing to write response to it.  

 I wish that UNSCEAR should pay much more attention to children who have thyroid cancer and have got surgery.  They are both physically and mentally hurt and have lost hope for their future lives.

I would like to earnestly request UNSCEAR the following:

1.     UNSCEAR translate the document into Japanese and make it open to the public within 2 weeks (before the outreach meeting is held) in order to make many Japanese citizens understand the contents of the document. I believe that this is the first step to start further scientific discussions.

2.     The outreach meeting to be held in Japan from July 19th to 22nd should not be a one-sided explanation of the UNSCEAR2020/2021 report but should be rather a forum of discussion to clarify and discuss various issues with respect to UNSCEAR2020/2021 Report.  Therefore, the name of the meeting should be changed to the meeting for discussion. Would you please disclose the details of this discussion meeting as soon as possible?

3.     The 23 electric attachments should be translated into Japanese and published as soon as possible in order to make many Japanese understand and verify them. 

 4.     This time UNSCEAR did not send the document to Kato and Yamada. I request UNSCEAR that.

(1) In the same way,UNSCEAR send the document first to the authors of the  paper.

(2) The document and responses to it be uploaded on UNSCEAR’s website to make it open to the public.

(3) UNSCEAR experts write a letter to the editor on the basis of the document and submit it to the journal that published Kato and Yamada paper.

  Sincerely yours,






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